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Why Should I Climb this Tree?

"Nature reveals to us a beautiful part of ourselves we could not find anywhere else."

- Kristen Butler


A note from the writer

43 years into this life, I've come to realize that we may be a bit lost. While I've been navigating adulthood, facing both expected and unexpected challenges, I find myself wanting to be a kid again. When my son was born in 2008, I discovered that being a Dad was my calling in life. And then I was blessed with a daughter 2 years later, further backing this realization. 


My parents raised me with a 'go outside and play' strategy. It was in nature where I felt the most calm and content. But, it wasn't just about being happy outside, it was about the intrigue, the mystery, the sounds and smells of the woods, and what I felt nature could teach me about myself. I think as parents we do our absolute best with our children, but perhaps we've forgotten the power of nature, and may have fallen away from that strategy consistently deployed by my parents. This story is dedicated to my extraordinary son, each and every one of you navigating parenthood, or anyone facing a challenge in this wild ride of life; Go outside and play!

"Why Should I Climb this Tree?", said the young boy to me. "There are many reasons, I said, can't you see?"


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